Pankaj Saharia : Technology an Important Factor in Civil and Structural Engineering

Pankaj Saharia works with highly sophisticated software programs as a part of his job as a civil and structural engineer in the Boston area. Pankaj Saharia is responsible for helping produce several public works projects in the area, along with commercial and academic buildings. The job of a civil engineer requires constant calculations, designs, and project management, and with the ever-changing world of software technology, Saharia has to stay on top of the latest products that will help him with his job.

Pankaj Saharia uses complex software programs, each of which required training of their own to help him understand all they had to offer, to calculate forces and space, as well as design buildings in a three-dimensional plane. Saharia has had to take on skills required of many different occupations to be successful as a civil engineer, including project management and the technical knowledge of how to operate complex software systems. Pankaj Saharia loves his job and the complex challenges it presents to him routinely.


About Pankaj Saharia Shrewsbury

Pankaj Saharia is a civil engineer and project manager who makes his home in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. Pankaj Sahariaattended Gauhati University in India, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering in 1987, and the University of Detroit, where he received his Masters degree in civil engineering in 1992. Pankaj Saharia has gone on to complete numerous structures. Pankaj Saharia is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers.
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