Pankaj Saharia : Are You Meant to be an Engineer?

Pankaj Saharia is a passionate structural engineer with decades of experience on various projects around the world. He has a reputation as a reliable, intelligent professional who produces sound work. “My aspiration in life is to make this world lively and peaceful by contributing as much as possible,” said Pankaj Saharia. “As a Structural Engineer by heart I would love to be a part of the building process of this beautiful world and make it livable.”
To feel as strongly about engineering as Mr. Saharia does, you must be passionate. For him, structural engineering is not simply income and analysis – it’s a way to give back to the world. For other engineers, it’s a way to challenge their minds or exercise their management skills. Whatever your reasoning, if you answer yes to questions like those below, engineering might be what you’re looking for:

• Do You Question Everything : Inquisitiveness leads to strings of “why?” and “what if?” questions that allow engineers to do well at their jobs. The more questions you ask, the more you learn about a structure or object and the better you can analyze it. For example, if you look at a building and wonder what would happen to it if an earthquake struck, your mind is already on the right track.

• Are You Good at Analyzing Things : If you are great with mathematics and analysis, you will have an easier time learning engineering. Engineering is difficult for those who battle brain fog and confusion when faced with statistical analysis or algebra.
Whether an engineer is designing a new project, entering its construction phase or performing maintenance, he or she is always analyzing, crunching and interpreting the numbers. If you’d rather sit down with calculus than a long book, engineering might be the perfect career for you.

• Can You Manage Projects : Management skills are mandatory for an engineer. Engineers must see and organize all parts of a project and manage what needs to be done over several months (or even years). If you’ve ever managed a large, complex project over several months (even if it was simply helping plan a friend’s wedding or a high school project), you can gauge your comfort with management. Those who struggle with management might face problems as engineers. Though many people can learn engineering as a trade and do well, passion and enthusiasm are valued traits in all fields. If you’re excited about engineering, join the ranks of engineering professionals like Pankaj Saharia and contact a respected institution to begin your education


About Pankaj Saharia Shrewsbury

Pankaj Saharia is a civil engineer and project manager who makes his home in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. Pankaj Sahariaattended Gauhati University in India, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering in 1987, and the University of Detroit, where he received his Masters degree in civil engineering in 1992. Pankaj Saharia has gone on to complete numerous structures. Pankaj Saharia is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers.
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