Considerations for Establishing a Scholarship Program : Pankaj Saharia

The foundation for starting a scholarship program begins with knowing why and how it’s being created.For Mr. Pankaj Saharia, the why was to honor a loved one and ensure that needy students would have a helping hand in their educational journeys. Clarifying the need for the scholarship program guides future decisions regarding its scope and size.

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Pankaj Saharia : Bridge Engineer

Pankaj Saharia loves his job as a structural and civil engineer working on projects in and around Boston. Pankaj Saharia has designed the superstructure and the substructure of the 180-foot spanning Neponset River Greenway Corridor bridge for the Massachusetts Department of Transportation. Pankaj Saharia has long been responsible for designing and testing public infrastructure buildings and other structures throughout the Boston area. Probably the most challenging projects for him are the bridges.

Because of the prevalence of rivers and streams running through the Boston area and in Massachusetts in general, bridges are essential for transportation in an area with a huge population. Bridges can be tricky to design because of the many physical factors that can cause bridge collapse and structural integrity. Pankaj Saharia has to design bridges that will hold up in the elements and withstand heavy amounts of traffic and weight all at once. Both ends of the bridge need to be structurally sound and the forces at work keeping the bridge above the ground or water need to work together to support immense amounts of traffic and weight at times. Saharia has worked for much of his career testing and calculating load bearings and other forces, seeking to help all components of each of his bridges work together.

Pankaj Saharia has the skills to test and ensure that each of the structures he works on can handle the forces they’re supposed to handle. Events like earthquakes can shake and damage buildings, but if they are constructed properly, the damage can be mitigated.

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Calculating Bridge Ratings and Designs : Pankaj Saharia

Pankaj Saharia needed a solid grounding in mathematics and physics to be a structural engineer. They were some of the first things to fascinate him about the job. Pankaj Saharia loves to see how and why things work the way they do. In this context, building materials have a huge role in these calculations, predicting how well the structure will perform a certain function. Different materials, such as bricks, concrete, or wood, have different characteristics in construction and architecture, creating different advantages and disadvantages depending on the intended use of the building.


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A New Scholarship Program : Pankaj Saharia

Pankaj Saharia is in the process of setting up a new scholarship fund for students in the discipline in honor of his aunt, who inspired him and drove him to be a better student and eventual worker in his profession. Pankaj Saharia has built competencies in many aspects of engineering, including construction inspection, design, and architecture. His scholarship is designed for high school seniors who need a boost to reach their dreams. The more skilled workers entering this field, the better urban spaces can accommodate ever-growing populations.


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Pankaj Saharia : Dabbling in Music

Pankaj Saharia is a civil engineer working in the Boston area. In addition to using his competencies in construction site inspection, architecture, and building design, Pankaj Saharia tries to broaden his horizons by dabbling in artistic work like music. He has a penchant for playing the electric guitar especially. Pankaj Saharia doesn’t play for audiences often, but when he does, he prepares as well as many professional musicians. Practice and dedication is the key to creating music people want to listen to. He follows these basic tenets of good music:

• Practice makes perfect Getting the notes and especially the fingerings down for guitar is the first key to playing the electric guitar. Perhaps more difficult than learning the fingerings for each note and chord is learning how each note and chord is supposed to sound. Developing an ear for in-tune music is a huge step in learning how to make music.

• Sight reading Sight reading is a skill that professional musicians better than Pankaj Saharia develop over time. It’s the skill of playing a piece of music from the notes on a music sheet without practicing it or learning the tune. Picking out the melody and harmony from a set of notes is a difficult but useful skill for musicians.

• Listening to music Musicians develop an ear for the right notes and chords by listening to other artists constantly. This involves not only listening to guitar players or guitar parts for Saharia. All music has something to offer a discerning or developing ear.
Pankaj Saharia loves to build on his many competencies as a civil engineer by playing guitar and going golfing. He loves “playing the electric guitar whenever [he has] some free time. For More Information Visit On behance profile :

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Pankaj Saharia : What Drives a Structural Engineer

Pankaj Saharia has always been driven by a profound sense of urgency in his career as a structural engineer. Born in India, Pankaj Saharia moved to the United States in 1990. He completed a Master’s degree program stateside and began a long and successful career as a structural engineer based mostly in the Boston area. Saharia says his aspirations are “to make the world lively and peaceful by contributing as much as possible.” He wants to be a part of the building process that makes even one small corner of the world a better place. Saharia has been involved in many different projects over his long career, including the design, construction, and testing of various buildings in the Boston area, and the design and testing of bridges in Massachusetts.

Pankaj Saharia shares the outlook of many structural engineers who feel they need to contribute to the vast infrastructure of the world around them. By working to design, build, and test quality structures that many people use every day, they contribute positively to the lives of the people around them. Structural engineers have the unique opportunity to build something that is truly theirs and have people admire it for years. Saharia takes pride in his competencies as a structural engineer and his finished products, especially if they are seen as useful and positive contributions to his community.

Pankaj Saharia wanted to make a career for himself in the United States. He managed to do that with excellent education and a drive unlike others in his field. His desire to create beautiful, long-lasting structures that are uniquely his has propelled him through his career so far. To Know More Visit On :

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Pankaj Saharia : Responsibilities of a Structural Engineer

Pankaj Saharia has worked as a successful structural engineer for over twenty years. In his career, he has taken on many responsibilities for designing bridges and buildings in the Boston area, as well as testing them for various functions. Pankaj Saharia is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers and a member of the United States Green Building Council. One of his proudest achievements was his contribution to the Overhead Coverage System used in Iraq for the Transatlantic Program Center and the United States Corps of Engineers. He has worked on many projects throughout his career and earned accolades and honors for some of them.

Pankaj Saharia is an intelligent and well-schooled structural engineer who knows what he is doing. Over the years, he has worked on the structural design and seismic analysis of residential, commercial, and academic buildings, mostly in the area around Boston where he lives. The architectural design and testing of buildings are two of the many duties that most structure engineers perform regularly in their day-to-day jobs. Structural engineers have to take seismic analysis into account when designing structures, along with the materials and load bearing calculations that go with designing buildings to do what they are supposed to do.

Pankaj Saharia has also helped design and test bridges “using various materials such as steel, concrete, wood, CMUs, and brick.” Saharia has designed structures in-house for various firms, and performed construction inspections, cost estimation, and more. Saharia loves to dabble in many different activities and hobbies outside of work. To Know More Visit On :

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